Day Five: Jesus Visits His Disciples

Welcome to day five of Rainforest Explorers VBS! Use the outline below to guide you through the fifth lesson!

Bible Story: Jesus Visits His Disciples (John 21:1–14)

Memory Verse: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. Matthew 6:20

Take Home Point: Jesus helps me share His Good News.

Song of the Day: Go, Go, Go

Opening Video

Join us for VBS opening! Check out the TRUTH UP videos on your music downloads!


After watching the storytelling video, complete the activities in the Rainforest Explorers leaflets!

Bible Challenge

Memory Verse Song: Matthew 6:20

To follow along with the memory verse song action video, use the VBS music download card.


Practice ALL the songs from VBS!

Include the Bible memory verse song Matthew 6:20.


Decorate windows or paint rocks

Look on your Craft Ideas page for the list of supplies and more instruction!


Scavenger Hunt

Go on a Scavenger Hunt! Look for some of these items: Noah's Ark, staff for Moses, fishing poles, band-aids, Bible, cross.


Ice cream would also be a great snack to enjoy today!

Closing Video

Join us for VBS closing! Check out the TRUTH UP videos on your music downloads!