Day Two: God Gives the Commandments

Welcome to day two of Rainforest Explorers VBS! Use the outline below to guide you through the second lesson!

Bible Story: God Gives the Commandments (Exodus 19:18–20; 20:1–21)

Memory Verse: You shall be My treasured possession. Exodus 19:5

Take Home Point: My loving God gives direction.

Song of the Day: God Showed Us the Way

Opening Video

Join us for VBS opening! Check out the TRUTH UP videos on your music downloads!


After watching the storytelling video, complete the activities in the Rainforest Explorers leaflets!

Bible Challenge

Memory Verse Song: Exodus 19:5

To follow along with the memory verse song action video, use the VBS music download card.

Watch this video to learn how to access your songs and videos using your digital access card!


Learn these fun VBS songs today:

-Jesus is my treasure (theme song)

-Come Follow

-God showed us the way

-Beautiful Savior

-Exodus 19:5


Homemade Playdough or Saltdough

Look on your Craft Ideas page for the list of supplies and more instruction!


Sponge Tag

Supplies: Unused sponges and buckets of water

With your family or friends, play a game of tag with sponges! One, or more, can be "it" with the wet sponges. Run around tagging others with the sponges. As you play, refill your sponge with water in the buckets to soak your family and friends! Enjoy getting soaked!!


Cookies would also be a great snack to enjoy today!

Closing Video

Join us for VBS closing! Check out the TRUTH UP videos on your music downloads!